About The Photographer

John R. Gresham Jr.

Graduate of King William High School and Virginia State University with post graduate and continuing education certificates from Hampton University and Virginia Union University.  Studies in photography from the New York Institute of Photography and Ritz Camera.  Resident of West Point, Virginia with his wife.  Serves as the Education Support Specialist at York River State Park.  Member of St. Basil the Great Antiochian Orthodox Church in Poquoson.

A Day In The Mountains

Online Galleries:


johnarejr@yahoo.com (fototime sales & general)

john.gresham@dcr.virginia.gov (York River State Park)


  • Cameras- Pentax K200D, K-x, Kodak Z612,
  • Lenses- Pentax 18-55mm, 55-300mm, Sigma 70-300mm
  • Tripod – Quantaray QSX 9502TM

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15 thoughts on “About The Photographer

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  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog. May God bless you, your church and your ministries.

    I look at my photos with embarrassment now 🙂 ; you truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing Virginia and other areas with someone on the other side of this globe. And, like you, as per your “What’s In Your Backyard” post, I have been investigating my local area [having recently moved], and there is much beauty in it indeed.

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