Lord Delaware North End: Red-Wings vs. Seahawks?

The day was rather mild for this time of year.  There were quite a few blackberries still around.  Unfortunately, the trash was still there.  But, I didn’t see the crab pots that I mentioned in a previous post.  All was about as expected.  What was unexpected was the air combat that I witnessed.

IMGP0347 IMGP0361

Normally, there is a competition between the bald eagles and osprey.  These fights occur over fish or if an eagle flies too close to a nest with young osprey.  Raptor vs raptor fights are great contest to watch as sometimes the smaller osprey will get the upper hand.

The Red-winged blackbird is the main songbird here in the marsh and makes quite a bit of noise.  It is not unusual to hear them out-singing the osprey.  I should have expected the birds to be just as defensive about protecting their young in their nest.  But, to see this little blackbird chase after an unsuspecting juvenile osprey was quite a treat.  No wonder the big bullies stayed up on the nesting platform.

IMGP0365 IMGP0366 IMGP0367 IMGP0351


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