Lord Delaware North End: Between Storms and Trash

I had every intention to kayak today.  But, my Pungo 140 has a broken seat strap.  Plus scattered showers were forecast for the whole day.  So, I figured I’d get a good viewing in on my favorite Osprey family; Joachim, Anna, and baby Mary.  I got to the North End about 8 am with the top of the incoming tide.  It seemed that Mary was feeding as all three on the nest.  Joachim, I supposed, left the nest not long after I got out of the car.  He later took his usual post at the old fish house dock.  As I was crossing the bridge heading back to West Point, (I think) he was sitting there near a light fixture on the bridge.  Mary is indeed big enough to sit in the nest alone as Anna flew away a couple of times for a short while.


Watchful mother (C) John Gresham


River lilies (C) John Gresham

Watchful Mother

Crabber heads out (C) John Gresham

There were five tractor trailer trucks on the old road with two trailers parked as well.  While there were no fishermen on my side of the river, there were about a half dozen on the other end.  The pollution is frustrating.  This side of the river offers nice views of the town, especially if there are a few clouds for a colorful sunset.  I like to fish as much as the next guy.  But, I think people who come here ought to take their trash with them.  I have nothing against a person making an honest paycheck.  But, it would be good if truckers were more careful about any leakages of their truck’s fluids.

Do they have to pollute?  (C) John Gresham

Do they have to pollute? (C) John Gresham

Typical litter (C) John Gresham

Typical litter (C) John Gresham

Someone had contacted me about setting a date for a volunteer clean-up of the area.  I have slightly grander intentions for the North End.  I want to see it become a park.  Yeah, let the tractor trailer drivers still have a place to park and anglers try their luck.  But, I would like to see a group of people who care maintain the area, especially between the plastic barrier and the river.  I wouldn’t mind joining forces with those who are beautifying and maintaining the West Point side of the old bridge, Glass Island, and the nature trail (might I add that Glass Island looks like a dump.  It is sad that someone tries to make it look half-way descent during Clean the Bay Days while others jack it back up again).  Perhaps there is a town park friends of group or something.  If we get some volunteers who want to make the place nice, we could really have a natural area that we could all enjoy.

Unknown bird (C) John Gresham

Unknown bird (C) John Gresham

Big claw on a little crab (C) John Gresham

Big claw on a little crab (C) John Gresham

Aside from all that, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t see the Diamondback Terrapins today.  A large Eastern Snapping Turtle did show its self.  Also, a loud little songbird (shame on me for not looking it up) was around as well.  A few Red-winged Blackbirds sang in the marshes and Fiddler Crabs scurried about the rip-rap.  If the weather is fine later this evening, I may go back for a sunset shot or two.


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