York Up River: After the Storm

I was planning to head down to the library to go online and perhaps get some things done for the Brotherhood.  Maybe I’d go on Facebook and check out what a few friends are up to.  After dinner, we got a tornado warning.  My practice is to move with my wife to the bedroom hallway and close the bedroom doors.  After waiting for a half hour, the warning was lifted and the sun started to reappear.  By habit, my Pentax was in the trunk along with my tripod, just in case I need to create an image or two.  Being limited to a borrowed laptop, I would need to see something very impressive and make sure I get it right in the camera.  I don’t have Photoshop to save my butt.  Shooting RAW is no longer an option.

Cloud on the Upper York (C) John Gresham

Cloud on the Upper York
(C) John Gresham

Driving down Chelsea, I saw a weak rainbow.  I was hoping I could get down to Glass Island to get, at least, a half way descent image of the thing.  Chasing rainbows is a challenge for photographers.  Sure enough, I got to the landing and missed it.  The clouds above the river still were worthy of a capture as they floated just beyond the pier.  With the gnats eating me and less than an hour before the library closed (hey, the town of West Point used to close about 5:30 pm), I made haste from the island.

I posted one of the three shots that I took on my Facebook page.  It didn’t look bad.  But, I do need to practice my landscapes again.  I had been so busy shooting for work that I have forgotten the simple joy of creating images for myself.  Without quality editing software on my own computer, I need to be better skilled in composition and knowledge of my camera.  A friend from my old FFA days posted some pics he took during the storm.  Dude is a professional and takes the kind of shots that makes your jaw hit the floor.

Strut (C) John Gresham

Strut (C) John Gresham

Leaving the library, I couldn’t help but to notice the colors on the clouds at twilight.  I hoped to hit 1st Street to see if I could create something worthwhile.  I had help from a Great Blue Heron that was nice enough to pose for me as I was rapidly losing light and had to use shutter speeds slower than I like for birds.  The colors on the clouds were about as good as I could have asked for.  As I was shooting, a young lady was getting an evening run in as a couple walked by chatting about something or other.  Someone living across the street asked me if I got any pictures of the bird and how she thinks it was the same one that had been on her boat.  Leaving 1st turning on Main, I drove past the kids I heard playing in the distance.  It was a pretty evening in my little town.


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