Lord Delaware North End: Fishing, Heat, & Another Possible Rival

May 9th

10 Am

Low tide





















T’is the time of year for anglers.  I met two at the end of the old bridge.  I can only hope and pray they don’t contribute to the already dismal amount of litter there.  I saw a couple of boats out, including one on the West Point side of the old bridge parked so close to the shoreline, he may as well drove up to the end of the old bridge and fished from shore.  A couple of kayak anglers were out as well.

'Yak Fishing

‘Yak Fishing

Well Nested

Well Nested

Joachim and Anna didn’t seem to be making any new additions to the nest.  I believe they have at least one egg by now.  I saw one other osprey.  It was flying too far above the nest to disturb my pair.  I think they have discovered another feeding place.  An old post out further in the marsh from the old road.

Peregrine Falcon under the Bridge

Peregrine Falcon under the Bridge


While I am used to seeing bald eagles as the osprey’s rival, I think I have seen another. I think it was a peregrine falcon.  This bird is supposed to be gone from the region by summertime.  This bird was larger than the American kestrel, which in in Virginia year-round.  So, I consider myself lucky to see this bird with the weather warming up.

The usual cormorants were in the area as were the red-winged blackbirds.  Fiddler crabs were out at the bridge end.



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