Lord Delaware North End: Air Show Before The Cold Front

April 19th

7:30 am

Low tide

Bald Eagle fight over West Point

Bald Eagle fight over West Point

After a few days of nice weather, a nasty cold front was heading our direction and promised to bring some bad weather.  I made a little time to see about my favorite pair of birds, Joachim and Anna.  As soon as I parked the car, I could hear a bald eagle.  Sure enough, the bird was in a tussle with something else.  With my little 70-300mm lens, I couldn’t tell what the other bird was.

Continued Construction

Continued Construction

It looked as if my pair of birds were still in nest construction.  I will have to walk on the bridge and shoot into the nest to see if they have any eggs.





Gull among Cormorants

Gull among Cormorants

There were several male red-winged blackbirds making a fuss.  I counted four laughing gulls as well.  There were two large flocks of cormorants that landed in the river midway to the West Point shoreline.


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