Lord Delaware North End: Competition & Continued Construction

April 11th

9:00 am, high tide

The Red-winged blackbirds pretty much own the marsh when it comes to bird calls.  I am not certain if they are trying to attract mates or establish territory.  But, there sound is heard most frequently.  The Osprey tend to ignore them as they continue adding to the nest and mock mating.  A bird not a part of the nesting pair (Joachim & Anna) found himself chased out of the area after it got too close to the nest.

Nest Landing

Nest Landing

With no waterfowl to compete with, the Cormorants are dominate on the water.  It is rare to see fewer than 10 on the old pilings and can be seen in flocks of up to 15 or so in flight.  With Shad and (maybe) Herring running in the rivers, there is plenty of food to go around.  Common Terns were flying overhead.  I doubt if they reside around here though as there aren’t many sandy shorelines as they tend to prefer.  I also noted a couple of male Cardinals as well.





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