Lord Delaware North End: Hard Wind & An Odd Bird

March 27th  4:00 PM  Osprey Watch Nest #4715

Winds were from the south with some gust about 20 mph.  I am a little frustrated as I have yet to find Joachim and Anna feeding around the area.  Perhaps I am a bit spoiled that I can see the pair at the VC at work feeding in the pines near the amphitheater just by sitting on my butt and looking out of the window.   I did see Joe come into the nest with some mud.  No mock mating nor other osprey flying nearby.

In Flight

In Flight


Horned Grebe

Horned Grebe

Cormorants were rather plentiful today, about 8 of them were on the pilings before I scared them away.  I did run across an oddball though.  Two horned grebes in winter plumage.  Checking the All About Birds site, they are here in the winter (non-breeding).  When I have a full day off, I will begin cleaning up the site a bit.


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