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Yes, after way too long, I am back on the blog that started my career.  While my other works on religion have been important, I should have never lost sight of the fact that Baystride Images Journal is my original creation.  This is where I expressed my passion to photograph and write about the corner of the world that I love.  I have been re-inspired by a great speech from a wonderful conference.

I am in Hampton for the National Association of Interpretation National Workshop learning skills to become more proficient at my job.  This morning’s address was given by Ned Tillman.  Ned has been a leader in conservation projects along the Chesapeake Bay for years.  Hearing him speak about the beauty of the bay, the problems and threats to its health caused by us humans, and the reasons why we must restore this precious waterway back to health could not have been given by some mere academic who doesn’t know a “rockfish” from a rock lobster.  The man is a native of the Maryland stretch of the Chesapeake and speaks from the heart.  I will soon dig into my autographed copy of The Chesapeake Watershed:  A Sense of Place and a Call to Action. 

Ned Tillman (© John Gresham)

All of us who heard his address were reminded of the reason why we are park interpreters.  Part of our job is to encourage people to love our corner of the world.  I have met Alaskans, Pennsylvanians, and colleagues from places in between.  I am sure that when they return to their workplaces, a part of Tillman’s message will be shared with each one of their guest.

I believe with my blog articles in Virginia Outdoors, I have been effective in showing people how special of a place the York River State Park is.  But, my corner and love extends past Croaker and Riverview Roads.  I have seen snow geese take off from Hughlett’s Point, croaker get hooked on a lure near  the Parrot Islands, falling water near the Blue Ridge, and a beaver dam beside my parent’s house on Jacks Creek.  The Virginia State Parks will not pay me for this blog.  I have to make the sacrifice of time and effort to show how much I care about these and other places.

I apologize for taking so long to write here.  I’ll be back in two weeks.   New photos will be posted around Thanksgiving.


The Baystrider


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