Pork Barbecue Burger? Why not?

Has this ever happened to you?  You crave a pulled pork barbecue sandwich.  But, you don’t have hours to tend to a shoulder or even a rack of baby backs on the pit.  There is time for grilling a hamburger.  But, 80/20 ground beef isn’t the same as (and less healthy than) pork.   The local joint is either too expensive or doesn’t season the pig like you do.  What a country boy culinary nightmare.  Well, wake up buddy!  There is a solution in your local grocery store that will be easy on your wallet, healthier than a fast food burger, and will give you the flavor of well smoked barbecue.  Ground pork.

Pork Barbeque Burgers (© John Gresham)

Take a pound of ground pork and mix in your favorite rub, or plain old salt and pepper.  Make patties and put them in the fridge until you are ready to cook.  Use whatever wood chip variety you wish with your grill.  When the smoke is rising, grill your burgers until they are well done.  Top with your favorite sauce and cole slaw on a plate or bun.  This may not have the heritage of a pig on a pit.  But, if you are too busy and broke, the pork barbecue burger may be the best substitute to barbecue.


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