Walkerton: Tidal Marsh Trip

Walkerton, Virginia is one of those little spots of real estate that barely show up on a map or GPS.  The King & Queen County town was once a busy little port on the Mattaponi River.  As with its upriver sister Aylett, Walkerton’s importance dwindled as more people relied on automobiles.  There is an attractive mill-pond, a couple of historic buildings, and a little gas station/country store to visit.  Civic organizations and the volunteer fire department hold different fundraisers serving delicious barbecue and Brunswick Stew.

Mattaponi Reflection (© John Gresham)

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, motorboats dominate the Mattaponi River here.  The river is tidal, but freshwater.  Water-skiing and jet-skiing are very popular with locals and those in the know.  But, things can get a bit congested here and there are a few shallow islands that one has to navigate.  This gets even trickier as the tidal current is said to be one of the swiftest in the state.  Canoeists and kayakers would do well to avoid the town on weekends.


Misty Foot Bridge (© John Gresham)


Weekdays before the Spring and Summer madness begins is a great time to paddle here.  The local fire dept. has a launch specifically for small craft (please leave a donation) and there is a kiosk of information about this stretch of the river provided by the Mattaponi/Pamunkey Rivers Association.  The freshwater tidal marsh is a fine place to admire the variety of plants growing along the shoreline.  Sunrise and sunset visits offer great opportunities for capturing a beautiful image or two with your camera.  Or, try your luck with a rod and reel.  Walkerton is known for catfish and yellow perch fishing.  But, the bass and bream provide action as well.

From Richmond, take Rt.360 East to Central Garage.  Turn Right on Rt. 30 and left on Rt. 629 (across from Hamilton-Holmes Middle School).






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