Faith and Outdoor Images

I am sorry I haven’t had a chance to write anything here since December.  January is very busy for me.  My chief ranger and I have been getting our activities calendar together and I have been working on park promotions, the state blog, and other stuff.  Then, there is the church with my normal pastoral duties, assisting with our planning committee, and new responsibilities as the Pamunkey Baptist Association Moderator.  I will take the time to have an adventure and post about it soon.

Reflective Presence of the Other

But, I have been blogging for myself.  In fact, I have been rather consistent with this for over a month.  The Modern Monastic Order of Saint-Simon of Cyrene ( is a marriage of my passions.  Each week, I post one of my images.  The post is a summary of my sermons.  I usually make the post on Sunday mornings and upload my latest on the Facebook page for my church.  I have been getting some good feedback from many who have seen the entries.

I write under the name of my Second Life avatar, Cyprian Bluemood.  Cyprian is a priest of no particular Christian denomination.  I send him to a variety of churches (mostly orthodox) for prayer and music clubs.  The idea of a monastic order came when the monastery he was a member of shut down.  I believe om real life, we need more people devoting themselves to quiet prayer.  I spend an hour in worship each morning, take an “Emmaus Walk” for 30 minutes after work, and use the Book Of Common Prayer for my nightly prayers.  Perhaps after my term as PBA Moderator, I will turn this modern monastic order into a real life ministry.  But, for now, the blog will do.

Bethel Alone

As for the Baystride Images Journal, don’t worry.  I will have some things up soon.  I may do a sunset excursion next Sunday.  I have been given a green light to hit False Cape next month.  So, I am far from done with this blog.  But, until then, feel free to read and comment on my more sacred side.


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