Zeitgeist At Douthat

Douthat Twilight

There is a word that latches on to me.  When it does, I am moved to think differently.  My whole approach to a way or ways that I conduct myself has to change.  There is no one English word for “spirit of the times.”  So, allow me to use the German term; zeitgeist.

Path Along the Falls

I spent the past four days in state park interpreter training at Douthat State Park near Clifton Forge.  It is amusing enough that I have a job doing things I enjoy.  And to spend a week in the mountains learning (yes, I found the public speaking class helpful) how to do my job better, meeting new people (I met a white guy named Gresham, of course he was cool), and sneaking in a photo or two (kicking myself for low batteries and no tripod) was simply going to be another layer of icing on this sweet job I have (did I mention I ate my first “s’more” Wednesday night).  And yet as I gazed at the mountains, I could not help but to think that there was a greater meaning to my being not only there, but at my job as a whole.  Mountains are ominous symbols of God’s presence.  Combined with the wisp of clouds and twilight colors, I understood that a new page was about to turn in my life.  But what was it?

The central answer of the zeitgeist was to take full ownership of my profession and career.  Rather than prove that I can interpret elements of the natural world to guest in the form of a hypothetical program, I was taught about the necessity of leading seminars of environmental education and how to teach educators through the “Your Own Back Yard” program.  My job is serious.  I already knew that.  But, the severity of it has been made more apparent to me.  I have and want to encourage others to see the value of nature through our displays, special events, and guided programs.  I will not be afraid to take on more responsibilities as directed and needed.  I am the face of the park.  This is already known in the state park’s visitor’s guide.  I have been interviewed in two other magazines that will be published soon.  Only a fool would settle for fifteen minutes of fame when there is a lifetime of lessons to be shared.  I was not put on this earth, at this time, in this place to be foolish.

Fire Starter

I am not scheduled to be at work tomorrow.  I will be there to take care of some loose ends.  Time permitting, maybe also speak with my employers about my learned lessons and my role within the team.  Special things can happen if, I by God’s grace,am willing to make them happen.  I don’t have time to do otherwise.

It’s late in the evening

the sun is going down

the time is now

get in a hurry

do it now


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