Local Christmas Joy

Angels Rehearsing Thier Lines

“The Nut Cracker,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and even “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” are favorites we look forward to seeing either on TV or in a live production.  This Advent season, I have had the pleasure of enjoying three Sundays of heart-warming, meaningful, and fun-loving Christmas celebrations.

Combined Christmas Compassion

The King William Emergency Ministries assist families in need throughout the year with food and utility assistance.  More and more is asked of them as the economy struggles to allow people to make ends meet.  Each year, the KWEM holds it’s “Christmas Celebration in Song” as a fund-raiser and a means of bringing a variety of denominations together.  Beulah Baptist Church hosted the event on Dec 5th.  Their warm hospitality and the fellowship of Christians of all walks made this year’s celebration one to remember and a blessing to all in King William County.

Sounds of Faith

Charles City is the home of the Jones Family, a down-home Gospel music group that celebrates the season of sharing in a special way.  They host a Christmas party of music, food, and a food drive for those in need.  This year, the Brotherhood of Faith blessed the party in song with the host.  It was my first time attending the event and I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with an old college buddy and former co-worker.  It was great to see this God-fearing family not only celebrating with food and friends.  But, giving to those who are less fortunate means as much (if not more) than the great music that they sing.

Lessons in Laughter

And what pastor does not look forward to the church Christmas program.  The family here at Trinity Baptist loves to put on skits.  The props staff, directors, and actors have a great time with well-chosen presentations.  Recently, one of our members has been inspired to write original work for us to portray.  I had a hard time standing still to take photos as I was laughing so hard at the antics on the pulpit.  The Sunday School Department provides gifts for all, special gifts for those who maintain good attendance, and for the sick and shut in members of our community.

Merry Christmas From My Back Yard To Yours

Thank you so much for following Baystride Images Journal.  I hope you have found something worthwhile in my post and will take the time to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay region.  May your homes and families be blessed this Christmas.  May you be healthy and prosperous in the New Year.


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