Do The Group Thing

East Coast Hikers At Newport News Park

Granted, much of what I do is solo.  I like the solitude of having a place to call my own on my own.  I get a little selfish when it comes to capturing images.  People can be a distraction and scare away wildlife.  Even on a rare occasion (almost never) when I don’t have my Pentax in tow, I just like to be alone to clear my mind, listen to God, and enjoy the beauty around me.

So, why join groups of people with similar interest?  Man is a social animal.  We need others so that we can share experiences, knowledge, and have fun.  Thanks to ( I have found a range of outdoor groups who share my love for the outdoors.  My recent excursions with two of them have been very rewarding. 

Attending my first meeting of the Williamsburg Photography Meetup, I paid my dues right on the spot!  The members have great skill and experience (including a Cannon guy who works for the company).  I couldn’t wait to go on a photo shoot with them.  We bounced ideas, techniques, and tips off of each other as we captured stunning images of fall colors and sunsets along College Creek.

Capturing College ColorsToday, I was introduced to Newport News Park by the East Coast Hikers.  A fun-loving gang from all over the tidewater region.  After a 2+ mile journey through this unique combination of waterfront and Civil War earthworks, we hit a local pub for food and drink celebrating the birthday of one of the members. 

Whatever your passion is in life, chances are others have it too.  Don’t pursue alone all the time.  Life is so much better when you share.


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