Taking Wing

Taking Wing

 Buffleheads are very hard to photograph without a blind or 400mm lens.  They are skittish if they see humans and tend to stay a distance from the shore.  This little guy must didn’t see me walk out on the pier at Croaker Landing as he fed and swam with the flock.  My 70-300mm zoom was just enough to get this and a few more shots of the bird.  I didn’t use anything fancy.  Just used what I had when the opportunity presented it’s self.

opportunities and honors come to people who do that.  Most of my blog entries and photos for the state parks (http://blogs.virginiaparks.org) have been inspired by my work at York River.  I have now been asked to do the same for Chippokes Plantation State Park in Surry County (www.dcr.virginia.gov/state_parks/chi.shtml) .  This means more shooting and writing.  But, how can I complain about doing work I want to do anyway?  Along with the blog, I will be making more entries to the WildObs website too (www.wildobs.com/york_river).  I have the Wildlife Observation of the Day; a Periwinkle snail hanging on a piece of cordgrass.  I look forward to working with the great staff at Chippokes and helping them promote their fine park and programs. 

I am involved in outdoor activities for pleasure and recreation.  Matters of race don’t interest me much when I have my camera or kayak paddle in hand.  But, it is a shame that many African-Americans don’t get out and enjoy nature.  Looking at our dismal rates of hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments; a little more time in the woods or on the water would be beneficial.  The good people of Outdoor Afros (http://outdoorafro.com) feel the same way.  I was surprised to learn that there was such a group and even more shocked that they reprinted an article I did for the state parks.  Hopefully I can work more closely with this group.  I have also been involved with other groups who are passionate about my pursuits through www.meetup.com.  I found the Williamsburg Photographers to be very knowledgable and I look forward to spending time with the East Coast Hikers next weekend.

The Bufflehead didn’t settle for sitting in one spot.  He took wing to see all that was around him and meet others like him.  Good advice from a creature that refuses to be a sitting duck.


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