The Reward of Diligence

“Be strong, do not be discouraged, for your deeds will be rewarded.”  II Chronicles 15:7

I began this blog a year ago with the goal of sharing my world of photography with potential customers, clients, and people who wanted a window into enjoying the Chesapeake Bay region.  My sales site hasn’t generated any income.  Clients either failed to materialize or rejected me altogether.  As a business venture, Baystride Images Journal was a failure. 

But, I liked writing about the places that I photographed.  And some of you liked my work as well.  You said so either here, on facebook, or in person.  So, I kept doing it.  Among my fans were some officials in the Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation State Parks Division.  Baystride Images Journal was featured in the official State Parks Blog, an honor I didn’t expect.  A couple of co-workers had constantly hinted around that I should be doing something else for York River State Park than collecting parking fees and cutting grass.  I didn’t mind these assignments as long as I got to do the fun stuff as well.  My plan was to continue at the park until November and go back to substitute teaching until they needed me back in April 2011.

I get paid for having a snake around my neck

My plans have been changed for the better.  I have been assigned to promote York River through the state internet networks (facebook, twitter, the blog), print media and radio, and help plan events for 2011.  And, time permitting, still lead interpretive programs.  Although the job doesn’t include a full benefits package, just knowing that I no longer have to pray for a school to call me in and that I will receive two regular paychecks per month is a blessing!  Oh, and I still get to take pictures.

Does this mean the end of the Baystride Images Journal?  No, this blog is a part of me.  I love having an outlet to write for myself and not simply for the money (but, I won’t be mad at anyone who purchases prints from my sales link).  I intend to continue taking you on these journeys of this region I love so dearly.  Now, you can now follow my work, and entries from other great people, on the Virginia State Parks Blog (see link on the Blogroll)  as well.

Whatever you passion is, don’t give it up!  Withstand the rejections and lack of support.  Eventually, a door will open for you.


One thought on “The Reward of Diligence

  1. Yay and congratulations!! What a way to end up the year! I am so happy for you.

    Please come to the GIG meeting next month if you are able. You’ve been missed!


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