The Best Season Is Off Season

A Calm Carriage

Please forgive my fondness for Williamsburg, VA.  I have a lot of history with the area.  My mother is from nearby Toano.  My genealogy is a combination of Chiskiak Indian (an extinct tribe that lived along the York River) and African slaves that were once owned by the former Royal Governor Sir William Berkley.  My wife and I spent our honeymoon there.  And, Williamsburg is only a half hour from my home in West Point.  You would think that I spend countless summer weekends in this charming, historic town.  I prefer to leave the historic district to the visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Right now is the time I enjoy strolling the length of Duke of Gloucester Street.  A handful of school groups may be around and a few tour groups.  But, for the most part, Colonial Williamsburg is not very busy at all in March and April.  This means more time to ask questions of the “towns folk” about their 18th century lifestyles.  Your pace can be more purposeful visiting the various buildings.  Their may not be as many dramatizations taking place.  But, there is plenty of room to see the scheduled re-enactments.  

Of course, this is true for any tourist destination.  Virginia Beach before May and after October is fantastic, that is if you don’t want to swim or sunbathe.  The boardwalk and ocean front is an even better place to stroll with fewer people around.  The best seafood restaurants have plenty of available tables when you want them.  Sites such as the Contemporary Arts Center and the Virginia Aquarium have something to offer to visitors year-round.  My favorite attraction is watching the sun rise over the magnificent Atlantic Ocean waves.

Online travel reservation sites like or are a good source for finding a great room at a bargain.  But, newspapers and advertising flyers at fast food establisments may have great deals too.

2 thoughts on “The Best Season Is Off Season

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  2. Virginia Beach is really a beautiful place and I agree with you that before May and after October is fantastic time travel to Virginia Beach. We are also planning for Virginia Beach tour and your stuff really helpful for us. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Best Regards,

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