“Snowpocalypse” Now

An Icy Flight

I am not one to say that “Global Warming” is real or imaginary.  But, we can all agree that the past couple of weeks have been very unusual here in the Chesapeake Bay region.  For years, we would receive no more than five inches or so of snow during winter.  Including December, I have had 15 inches of snow thus far!  February is not over and snow in March and early April is not unheard of. 

Kids tend to love such weather as school systems usually close.  We adults grin and bear it the best we can, especially if we have to drive on icy roads and deal with other motorist who aren’t used to driving in such conditions.  In between storms, retailers have seen competition over rock salt, milk, and toilet paper that would rival any Christmas shopping frenzy.

During a break in the weather, I drove down to the Colonial Parkway and College Landing to capture the sunrise and see what action was stirring.  Among the Canada Geese flying in formation and Mute Swans swimming with effortless grace, this Great Blue Heron caught my attention.  With its long neck, it is able to find areas of melted ice and snow as possible feeding areas.  Without making any loud (and annoying) calls, the bird simply goes about its business.  That’s probably a lesson for us on how to handle this weather.  Stop complaining and just do what you can when you can.

More photos can be found in my latest album, “Who Says It Doesn’t Snow In The South.”  Click the link for “Baystride Images” on the Blogroll.


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