Kayak: The Best Fishing Boat Ever Made

Croaker via Kayak

Yes, I know there is still snow on the ground, March and even early April can also grant us below freezing temperatures.  This topic and photograph seems as a tease.  I am posting this with the following facts in mind: 

  • in a few weeks, Yellow Perch will be feeding as they spawn in the shallows
  • the annual run of  Shad and Herring will not be far behind with Catfish following them closely
  • Crappies will begin their pre-spawn feeding next month as well

Before you know it, fishing season will be in full swing.  

In recent years, kayak fishing has become very popular.  The initial and annual cost of a brand new kayak is far less than a quality used motorboat.  An average sized person can pay less than $1000 for a ‘yak, paddle, and life vest.  Since it is a non-motorized boat, there are no personal property taxes that have to be paid on it.  A trailer is not needed as it can be car-topped with a foam block and strap set.  Also, boat ramp fees and the crowds at public ramps are not major concerns for kayak anglers.  We just find a legal, public spot to launch and put in. 

Kayaks give anglers the element of stealth in shallow water.  Fish can easily be spooked and stop feeding when they hear a noisy engine and see a large hull.  Quiet paddling will fool a fish into believing they see nothing more than an errant log floating around.  Obviously, this allows the kayak angler to find hotspots that our motor boat boating kin wouldn’t dare to go.  Furthermore, some freshwater ponds and reservoirs will not allow gas-powered engines.  

Kayaking is a great form of exercise.  Paddling in fresh air and enjoying nature is a lot more interesting than being cooped up in a gym.  With proper technique, the entire upper body and midsection is used in each stroke without over-exhaustion or injury.  Finding fish to put in your belly while taking off some belly fat at the same time is a good trade-off.  

Check out my album “Water Craft” on the Baystride Images blogroll link to see these fun little boats in use.  Next month, I will tell you how to choose the right kayak.


14 thoughts on “Kayak: The Best Fishing Boat Ever Made

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  3. Fishing kayaks are pretty bad as fishing craft, actually. They are uncomfortable, they hurt your back, and you get wet – especially when you don’t feel like it.
    That is unless you use a W fishing kayak, of course.

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