Another Way To Enjoy Fish

Boss of the Aquarium

Without a doubt, I love fish.  There is the thrill of fighting Bluegills in farm ponds and Croakers in marshes.  Nothing tantalizes my taste buds like a Flounder fillet stuffed with crab meat.  Yet, there is a means of enjoying water-borne beauties without the need for a lucky lure nor secret recipe. 

My brother and I have enjoyed keeping aquariums since we were in middle school.  We prefered tropical fish over goldfish because of the wide variety of species.  Guppies and other live-bearers were fun because they were easily bred.  African Cichlids offer a wide variety of color.  Aquarium only shops have always been our favorite haunts.  But, the employees who tend the tanks at larger pet stores are very knowledgeable and can help anyone just getting into the hobby. 

Tropical fish can’t fetch your slippers.  Nor will they curl up on your lap.  But, researchers have proven that a few minutes a day of watching fish swim in an aquarium reduces stress levels.  I like to glance at my 35 gallon as I study my morning scriptures and before bedtime while meditating.  Try this at your local shopping center:  pick up a container with a Siamese Fighting Fish (Beta splendis) and imagine seeing it swim in a 1 to 2 gallon bowl as you listen to some jazz.


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