Giving Thanks

Even The Birds Have Their Fill

Many stores have displayed their Christmas merchandise as early as September.  No doubt, it is the Holiday many of us most look forward to.  Christians maintain it as the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Others look forward to gatherings with family and friends.  Charitable giving is common at that time among people whether or not the have a particular religious belief.  And who doesn’t look forward to giving and receiving a gift or two.

In the rush for Christmas, let us not forget that the things we have earned and received have sustained us for another year.  We have worked hard, scraped and saved, and even caught a few lucky breaks.  Friends and strangers have proven to be our benefactors at times when we asked and least expected.  If you believe in God or not, we ought to make time in our lives to express gratitude for where we are in our lives.

Indeed, I give thanks this season.  As a Christian, because the Lord has been good to me and my family.  I had a variety of challenges this year.  But, they have become opportunities and lessons learned.   Christmas is coming.  Right now, I am just grateful to share my joy and good times with people I love.

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you love.

John Gresham


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