Other Voices of Faith

Sing Daddy two

Sing, Daddy!

The growth of the Contemporary Christian and Gospel music industries have been incredible.  There was a time when the Wynanns could only pack a small church or the Hillsong record label was largely unknown.  Today, everything from praise and worship to Christian rap-metal artist are packing major venues, getting MTV air play, and winning Grammys.  Beyond the celebrities, good Gospel music can be found in our rural churches.  The same message of faith and hope is expressed such houses of worship as can be found in the tour of a major artist.

Yet, there is something special about these relatively unknown singers in small congregations.  Recently, Gethsemane Baptist Church in King William celebrated their Seinor Choir Anniversary.  Choirs from area churches were invited to sing and celebrate with them.  I am sure someone could have given a microphone stand to Deacon Michael Quarels of  Union Hope.  Before anyone bothered to get one, his daughter, Veronica, gladly offered her hand and voice.   The best mic stand in the world would not have been able to sing as well nor express love quite the way she did.

We all enjoy the professionalism in well planned events.  But, a little home spun spontaneity is priceless in the right hands.  A kid put two fish and five loaves of bread in the right hands.


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