A Weakness

Why should Carolinians have all the fun?

Why should Carolinians have all the fun?

After kayak fishing in Mathews and cleaning fish, I really don’t feel like eating fish.  Seems weird.  But, my taste buds just can’t handle what I’ve just butchered.  Plus, I like to treat my wife to something special after I’ve been gone all day.  I remembered an old recipe from Southern Living magazine and found that Ware Creek Produce in Gloucester sells fresh Carolina shrimp.  Now, even when my kayak is in the boathouse, I find myself making “Frogmore Stew” also known as Low Country Boil.

I start with hand-sized white or red potatoes and boil them for about 30-40 minutes.  Then, I cut corn on the cob in half and throw them in for another 15 minutes.  That is followed by smoked sausage cut in chunks for 10 minutes.  Finish with fresh (or thawed) wild caught American shrimp for 8 minutes.  I give a generous helping of Old Bay seasoning with every addition.  Drain the water.  Add melted butter and more Old Bay.

I know this is the time when we think of pumpkin pies and Turkey Day isn’t far off.  But, for those of us who want to hold on to summer, this dish will make you grab your flip-flops and shorts.  That is, until you step outside on a 45 degree morning.

May all go well with you and yours,

John Gresham- The Bay Strider


One thought on “A Weakness

  1. Great idea, JG. As always, photos are fantastic. It’s early on a Saturday morning and i’m thinking about that low country boil for lunch. Not to mention that it takes a man who is completely comfortable in his masculinity to admit he’s read anything in Southern Living. One suggestion — if and when you write about food, categorize under food and folks who are just looking for food-related blog posts will stumble unto you more easily.

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