Horn Harbor/Peary Landing

Place and Method of Escape

Place and Method of Escape

Very few things in life are as enjoyable as finding a favorite fishing hole that most people overlook.  Two years ago, I took my camera to New Point Comfort to shoot pictures of the lighthouse.  On the way back to Mathews court house, I stopped by a little spot I saw on the Mathews Blueways Water Trail guide.  I drove to Peary Landing and drooled.  No concrete ramp, pier, nor much of a parking area.  Very unfriendly to motor boaters, who regularly launch from the near by Horn Harbor Marina.  But, for a kayaker, this place looked like heaven.  It has become my most productive fishing spot, even when I’m wade-fishing with my brother and nephew.

Atlantic Croaker is my favorite fish on my rod and reel as well as my table.  I have caught other species too such as red drum, speckled trout, bluefish, flounder.  But, none are as numerous and consistent as croaker.  Indeed, drum have to be at least 18 inches to keep.  I’ve caught many a “rat red” that I had to release.  Croaker have no size limit.  So, I can keep as many 17 inchers as I can catch and feel like cleaning. 

The harbor it’s self is a broad body of water that flows directly into the Chesapeake.  The main channel is well marked for navigation.  On the south shore, Horn can be accessed at the Doctor’s Creek landing.  There is a nearby campground that welcomes RV’s and tents.  I confess, most of my time is spent in the coves of the north side of the harbor launching from Peary.  It is a good place to see a variety of birds.  Ospreys and Great Blue Herons are the most common.  But, Egrets and Bald Eagles can be seen as well.  When conditions are calm, I like to go into the Chesapeake from Horn.  The bulk of my bird watching and photography is done in nearby Winter Harbor.

Horn Harbor is one of the featured areas of the Mathews Blueways Water Trail.  Please visit www.blueways.org to find more information of one of the greatest places to kayak in the region. 

May all be well with you,

John Gresham- The Bay Strider


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